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Costa Rica has become a major tourist destination. There are many beautiful and interesting places in Costa Rica, all within a relatively small country area of 60,000 square km. There are two major “seasons”: wet and dry. The wet or green season is from May to December in the Central Plateau and the Pacific coast; the dry season is from January to April. But Caribbean lowland regions may have rain year round save for October.

There are many fun and interesting activities for tourists. These include:
•    white water rafting
•    nature walking
•    bird watching
•    treetop canopy adventure tours
•    visits to active volvanos (Poas, Irazù, Arenal, others)
•    coffee farm tours
•    one day Pacific island tours
•    visits to many Pacific or Caribbean beaches (multi day)
•    scuba diving tours
•    river canal adventure boat rides

Hotels can arrange many tours through their tour operators who can provide abundant information and quote prices. Outside of San José there are many mountain and beach hotels ranging from the thrift to luxury range.

For general tourist information please visit the website of the ICT, the Costa Rican Tourist Institute, a government office. Click here for a link to the ICT web page.



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